You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on a Bike – Thur 20 Sept 2018, Day 291

Crazy Guy on a Bike – Thur 20 Sept 2018, Day 291


Staying with Pat and Achim Lorenz, Swakopmund
Distance  9 + 11445 = 11454
Total from Amsterdam 16854

We woke to a knock on our bedroom door at 04h55. Pat and Achim downed a quick cup of coffee with Peter and then set off shortly thereafter … met hoender, maar nie die kombuis opwas bak nie (including the cockerel but not the kitchen sink). We were surprised at the amount of stuff they packed into the back of their Hilux bakkie and they still had to collect two of Achim’s workers. My conclusion is that men do pack a vehicle better than women ??. We hopped back into bed and read, snoozed until it was time to feed the ‘Boys’, Bongi, Rasco and the day care girl, Phoebe. I cleaned and changed the water in their outside bowls and left Selma, the cleaning lady to do her thing without a houseful of people. We took bikes to have the chains replaced and collected our cycle baggies from Moerlandspan Upholsterers who replaced the press studs on the waistbands. We were excited to find our favourite lollypops at Metro Cash and Carry over the road from Cycle 4 U bike shop. We last saw them in Iringa, Tanzania. The bag contains 48 lollypops and weighs a ton ?? but they are a ‘must have’ so will split the weight between both bikes or put 12 into each pannier ????.

We then did a little bike tour through town and Swakop’s pretty Waterfront and while taking a picture of the jetty a Landcruiser stopped to chat. The guy driving looked familiar but we couldn’t place him. It was Johan who we met at Khoi Khoi Guest House who had terrible flu. I had given him my bottle that had a small amount of Flomist nasal spray for his congested nose. Johan and Christa van Sittert live in Walvis Bay, are retired and he travels in Namibia, teaching farm workers good methods of farming. From there we rode past Hotel Eberwein and went in to see the hotel. We chatted to the receptionist, Handalene Deysel who remembers Pat Lorenz, our friends who we are staying with. We were frantic when we couldn’t find Phoebe at the house when we returned from our ride-about but a quick message to Claudia who replied saying she had collected Phoebe ??. Been reading and snoozing, then took the Boys for their walk, they’ve had their supper, the bird feeder has been filled with seed and we are going to watch a movie on Peters laptop while having leftovers for supper and made more soup. Once we leave Swakop for Windhoek our craving for soup will be replaced with a craving for anything cold. Enough waffling for today. Take care everyone and thanks for following our journey xx

– Packed and ready to roll

– … and the rooster in the box with air holes

– Sakkie, Lucas and Josh from Cycle 4 U who sorted out a few niggles on our bikes

– The team at Moerlandspan Upholsterers who replaced studs on our shorts

– … and Boetie with his comfy padded seat

– Swakopmund Waterfront

– The Hotel Eberwein where we stayed 10 years ago