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Employment Benefits

Committed employers realize the value of empowering and support of staff members. With our wide range of products, and integrated approach we are able to assist in creating unique employee benefits, adding to a special culture that shows the commitment of an employer towards his employees.
Pension Funds (Group Retirement Annuities)
In order to propose the ideal retirement savings plan for you, the business owner, and your employees, we will consider your specific business structure, industry and current number of employees.

Contribution structures are flexible by making use of schemes, such as group retirement annuities, umbrella funds and other pension schemes.

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Medical Aid
Various hospital plans, medical aid plans, GAP-cover benefits and wellness programs can be offered to your employees.

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Group Life Benefits
Employee benefits may include group life cover, disability and income protection benefits, insurance for severe illnesses and funeral cover. Benefits can be offered as approved through the pension fund, or as stand-alone, unapproved benefits to pair with your group retirement annuity structure.

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