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Guy on a Bike – Sat 23 June 2018, Day 123

Day 10 at Tiko Community Lodge, Katete
Distance  7275
Total from Amsterdam  12675

Hopefully our last day here as we need to get this show in the road again and we’re tired of the soccer and the players’ theatrics. Yours truly wanted eggs again this morning so I trudged to the tiny shop up the road and got mayonnaise and oil to fill up our small bottles. We had a tiny piece of cheese left and the scrambled eggs on (stove) toast was great. Whiled away the morning reading, lunched on chicken mayo sandwiches and Peter prepared supper (for a change) and we watched the Belgium Tunisia game, Belgium winning 5-2. Making the most of the last bit of free time to read as I’d like to finish my book, Common Murder by Val McDermid and have 23% left to read. We had a glass of Autumn Harvest with Elke before supper and will watch our final game of soccer at Tiko Lodge, Germany Sweden. The volume is at 100% on the TV and with the locals watching and talking non stop we can’t hear any commentary so will head to our room shortly and read. Night all. Thanks for following xx


– The dining area next to the kitchen where we’ve watched many a game of soccer. I have also enjoyed watching the passing cyclists on the path outside

– They cook mostly outside using coal from trees cut which is much cheaper than elec or gas

– Every day we heated two huge pots of water on the stove and a kettle to put into the blue bucket for our evening bath

– Kids fill 500 ml plastic bottles with sand and throw them down the pedestrian/ cycle path, their aim very straight

– Bicycle taxi with mom and her toddler