The Origin Group offers specialised advisory services to create a tailor-made Holistic Financial Plan by “ bridging the gap “ for our clients, which is our main objective. We recognise that families have an identity separate from the businesses they own and as a result, need to define their individual identity by formulating their vision, values and goals independently from that of the business.

The core values of Family Advisory backed with a Family Constitution


This works best with families that own some family businesses. About 80% of the South African businesses are family-owned. These businesses tend to excel and are stable between the 1st and the 2nd generations. However, to cross into the 3rd generation, it is often a steep-cliff-climb and eventually, these businesses either fail instantly or continue to thrive until all resources are exhausted. The family’s core values should be evaluated and agreed upon, which should then be backed by a family constitution.

The reasons for the failure of the family businesses


The 2nd but mostly the 3rd generation is not well-informed of the intention of the Founder(s) who established the family businesses in the 1st generation. Lack of qualified personnel in the key positions of the businesses, or miss structuring on occupational positions. Lack of accountability and/or consequences on actions of the stakeholders including the beneficiaries of these family businesses. Recklessness and/or greed in the 2nd and the 3rd generation in as much as the family businesses are concerned.

The process


A couple of interviews will be conducted to ascertain the family history, the current status and the vision into the future. Interviews to build up recommendations on how the family members can be positioned within the family businesses for effective productivity. In t he finality, a Family Constitution will be drafted to help the family to manage their relationships with regards to their family businesses. This document will be the source of governance which shall be used as the yardstick during the transitions taking place in each group of the current generation to those in the future. The result is a structured establishment with a clearly defined purpose which is supported by the family’s or business’ principles, values and various corporate governance structures. The tailor-made plan is designed by applying our expertise in advisory services and utilising the wide range of information available from our different divisions.

Application for funding for the expansion and/or acquisition of assets and
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