The Origin Group offers specialised advisory services to create a tailor-made Holistic Financial Plan by “ bridging the gap “ for our clients, which is our main objective. We recognise that all clients are different and need bespoke solutions for their specific situation. Where clients are doing business internationally, invest offshore from their home countries, do business in the virtual world (eg, I T, crypto etc) or especially plan to do all or some of this, we get involved, preferably as early in the process as possible. We holistically evaluate the client’s whole situation (current and planned), taking into account where in the world they are trading or want to trade or invest and which countries they would prefer to be domiciled in.

We then evaluate as many scenarios as possible, possible domiciles for their planned structure, all the tax laws, Double Taxation Agreements and more to ensure we get as wide a picture as possible, also taking into account more or less risky domiciles, depending on t he client’s risk preference. We also then look at which structures would suit the client’s situation the best, often involving offshore trusts (or foundations), companies (holding and trading) and other applicable structures.

It is a process where sometimes several companies have to be registered in different domiciles to enable the client to trade in specific countries, maximise tax efficiency and minimise risk, as well as simplifying administration. Through this whole process, the client is involved and needs to give inputs and we then prepare a full proposal on which domiciles, structures and process we would advise our client to follow.