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Crazy Guy on a Bike – Mon 17 Sept 2018, Day 288


Staying with Pat and Achim Lorenz, Swakopmund
Distance 11448
Total from Amsterdam 16848

Good company, food and a comfy bed were the perfect ingredients to wake up rested this morning. As promised, Pat gave us thick and creamy Greek yoghurt with strawberries, nuts and chia seeds for breakfast which was a special treat. While Peter relaxed and read Pat and I went to Food Lovers Market and bought ingredients for Turkish soup and a meat loaf for supper. She then went to collect three month old grandson, Alexander who is a real cutie, even smiling at me, the dragon lady. Peter and Pat were downloading movies and series to her hard drive while I prepared the soup and the meat loaf for supper.

I discovered why the soup wasn’t as tasty as all the others I’d made … turns out I’d put in mixed herbs instead of dried mint but adjusted the seasoning and was told it’s edible. We took Rosco, Bongi and their daughter, Claudia’s little Schnauzer, Phoebe to the dunes for a walk while Peter did another stint of recovery dozing. The wind was pumping out there and Achim told us later that it’s a sign of another cold front. Pat made a yummy cucumber salad and we stir fried cabbage in garlic and butter to go with the meatloaf. Little Alexander was getting niggly and tired so Gerrit and Claudia left right after supper to get the little man bathed and put to bed. An early night for everyone … tomorrow’s another day. Night all xx


– A breakfast that Peter and I have been dreaming about

– Pat with three month old Alexander

– Camels in Swakopmund

– Rosco loves raw vegetables ??

– Preparing supper

– Gerrit, Claudia, Peter, Achim and Pat

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