Short term insurance


Because we believe that most of our clients have the ability and knowledge to determine the extent of their own personal risk management, our staff is trained to assist you in selecting the correct product and extensions to match your individual appetite and style.

This enables us to provide unique and flexible financial solutions to each of our clients.

Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, our advisors will help you get the best possible cover suited to your needs, and ensure that you’re always covered.

We provide you with comprehensive car and home insurance, with the option of added benefits, such as no excess on theft, hail, hijacking and malicious damage. This means that you can purchase cover and pay less, while benefiting from a reliable insurance provider.

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Home building Insurance

A home building can be insured against risks, such as fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, malicious damage, storm, rain, wind, hail.

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Personal Short-term Insurance

Origin advisers can assist you in selecting the correct products and extensions to match your individual risk appetite and lifestyle.

This enables us to provide unique and flexible financial solutions to each of our clients.

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When it comes to insuring your motorcycle, Origin Financial knows how to get you the best insurance cover at the best price. This policy will cover your motorcycle in the event of an accident or theft, but also gives you optional access to benefits, such as 24-hour towing and storage.

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Sport Equipment

Origin Financial provides you with sport equipment insurance that will cover your items in the event of any loss, damage, or theft, whether at home or on the field.

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Travelling without travel insurance could be financially devastating. We’ll ensure that you are fully covered when you travel by seeing that you are covered by benefits like Emergency Medical and Related Expenses for claims paid in foreign currencies.

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High Net Worth Products

We provide risk management solutions for high net worth individuals and their families.

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Water & Pleasure Craft

Origin can advise you on the best insurance cover for water and pleasure craft, both sea-going and inland. Commercial hull insurance is also available.

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Tax-Risk Insurance
Agriculture Insurance

We provide tailored, comprehensive cover for agricultural assets and crop insurance, thereby managing the unique risk of agricultural businesses and farming.

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Body Corporates, Sectional Title & Home Owners’ Associations

Our specialised solutions provide insurance cover for commercial and residential buildings, as well as common property.

This includes cover for extensions, such as boundary walls, entrance gates and gate motors, security- and irrigation systems. Unique cover under some of our products includes loss of rental income, and geyser maintenance plans.

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Engineering Insurance

We combine certain fields of Liability Insurance, Contractors’ Insurance, Plant and Asset Insurance and Machinery Breakdown to provide risk management solutions in this environment.

Our expertise and partnerships enable us to assist with insurance solutions beyond the South African border.

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Fleet Vehicles

We help you get Fleet Vehicle insurance through specialists insurers, with the option of extensions, such as Personal Accident insurance, Passenger Liability, and 24-hour Assist Services.

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Goods in Transit and Cargo Insurance

A variety of products cater to each specific method of transportation, and we can help you choose the right cover for your risks. Specific extensions enable our advisors to assist our clients in customising the cover required.

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Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Along with the insurance of heavy commercial vehicles, we understand that vehicle and fleet owners also require the assistance of reliable 24hr-assist services.

Through established service agreements we are able to provide these tailored solutions, combining it with Goods in transit insurance.

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Home owners’ Associations Insurance

Home owners’ association insurance has become more common in recent years, albeit often overlooked. We can help you with insuring all common areas within your HOA and ensure that every tenant benefits from this cover.

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Hospitality and Tourism Insurance

The hospitality and tourism industry has unique risk management needs which are covered by our range of specialised hospitality insurance products.

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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is an integral part of effective risk management for any business. Our range of products include Broad form public liability, Professional indemnity, Directors’ and officer’s liability and Cyber liability. Various extensions of cover may be applicable to your business or industry.

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Cell Captive Insurance

Cell captive insurance is an arrangement where a company or participant chooses to self-insure by owning a class of shares in a special purpose vehicle insurance company. In short, this third party self-insurance model gives large corporate retailers the tools to use short-term insurance to attract, insure, service and retain customers on a large scale.

If you are interested in cell captive insurance, speak to our trusted advisers to find out about the benefits of this insurance model and whether or not it’s a viable option for your specific business.

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Creative business teams continuously find new ways of managing risk effectively. In selecting Origin as your partner, business insurance can be transformed to a tool that forms part of a larger risk management strategy.

Alternative risk transfer strategies form part of our methodology and specialist advisors are selected to focus on certain specific market segments.

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