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Personal Financial Planning

We understand that a structured approach is needed in assisting our clients with their personal financial planning. We therefore train our staff to provide professional advice using the latest products and methodology, allowing them to share a unique and flexible perspective on effective financial planning.
Estate Planning
Our advisors are trained to assist in your estate planning so that you enjoy the maximum benefits of your estate, along with your family, while you are still alive.

It is equally important to structure assets in the most efficient way, particularly in anticipation of an untimely passing, leaving sufficient capital to meet the liquidity requirements of your estate, as well as other specific needs of your family.

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Life Insurance
In order to calculate the correct insured amount of life insurance, our advisors are carefully trained to consider all your financial responsibilities and liabilities.

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Because we aim to assist our clients to become financially independent, we also consider the unlikely event of them becoming permanently disabled. By adding income protection benefits, our advice to clients makes provision for sufficient lump sum disability benefits to cover debts, and to seek provision for sufficient monthly earnings.

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Income Protection
In the event of illness, temporary or permanent disability, we will propose tailor-made income protection plans to provide for interim financial assistance, as well as financial assistance with replacing monthly earnings.

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Severe Illness
Our skilled advisors guide our clients to consider comprehensive cover with regards to dreaded diseases such as cancer, heart conditions, strokes, and many more severe illnesses.

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Retirement Planning
Because we aim to assist our clients to become financially independent, we carefully consider their retirement planning. Contributions to a pension fund, provident fund, or a retirement annuity, may not be sufficient to provide for your future. Our advisors assist clients in considering structured and managed portfolios in order for clients to reach their financial goals.

We share your dream of becoming financially independent, and as a result, we assist with identifying shortfalls, allowing you to make more informed financial decisions.

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