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Tax Accounting

We are proud to provide a holistic service with individually structured solutions through MST Group, our independently structured channel. Our team of qualified auditors, professional accountants, tax practitioners and bookkeepers are committed to providing you with advice and support services that cover all aspects of the challenging business environment.

We comply with the the high standards and ethics prescribed by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the South African Institute of Professional Accountants and the Centre of Tax Excellence, and are, in addition, affiliated to these bodies.
Annual Financial Statements
Our qualified professionals are able to compile your annual financial statements by incorporating all regulatory requirements imposed by the Companies Act, Close Corporations Act, Trust Property Control Act or the Law Society, as well as adhering to IFRS or IFRS for Small to Medium Enterprises.

This function can include the provision of an independent review or audit as required by your company’s partners, MOI or the Companies Act.

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Management Accounts
By obtaining formal or informal financial management information, you can ensure a higher success rate when it comes to making important business decisions.

Management accounts are one of the keys to securing any form of funding to ensure sustainable growth.

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Financial Forecasting
Throughout history, it has been proven that businesses are more successful when they implement thorough planning. This can be done through setting benchmarks, but more so, through educated financial forecasting and budgeting. This is one of our core areas of expertise. We can provide ample warning when it comes to predicting cash flow shortfalls, and even identifying investment opportunities.

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Statutory Compliance
Business has changed dramatically in the last decade, mostly owing to the numerous and varied legislative changes across the board. For example, requirements to obtain tenders, or even operational and asset funding, has become difficult if certificates of compliancy cannot be provided.

Allow us to guide you through our developed processes of all standard aspects required to attain statutory compliance. We come equipped – as a compulsory element of our affiliations – with first-hand knowledge of changes in the various legislative requirements and the submission of required returns.

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Tax Structuring
Tax structuring could be one of the most significant financial commitments you make in your lifetime. As an individual tax payer – or as a business owner – you can achieve financial independence by allowing us to assist you in benefitting from all areas of our complicated tax legislation.

Our analysis allows us to maximise the short term advantages within your business, as well as the long term planning of your estate. In addition, we have financial advisors ready to provide you with everything you need to make informed decisions going forward.

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Compliant accounting records are essential to the smooth running of any successful business. In essence, what we do is summarise your accounting documents to provide accurate, functional financial information. Ultimately, this will equip you with the ability to make informed business decisions on all levels.

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Our payroll experts understand the pressures that come with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payrolls, while taking all regulations and legislations into account.

No matter how big or small your staff compliment may be, our team can lighten your burden. Our cost effective, tailored payroll services are inclusive of leave recording and statutory submissions.

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Business Consulting
If you are holding the reigns of an exciting start up, if you have a great business idea, or if you are an established business already climbing the ladder, we have just what you need to propel yourself into success.

We believe that through the assistance of our qualified professionals and vetted partners, we can provide solutions for almost any shortfall within your business.

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