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Crazy Guy on a Bike – Sat 22 Sept 2018, Day 293

Staying with Pat and Achim Lorenz, Swakopmund
Distance 11454
Total from Amsterdam 16854

A gremlin sneaked into yesterday’s mail where my typing finger kept selecting letters that spelt Henties Bay instead of Walvis Bay !! Apologies folks ????.

I was still in dreamland when Peter asked me to help switch off the alarm this morning. Our room has block out roller blinds making the room pitch dark so I’d still be sleeping but Rasco and Bongi need to go out to do their morning ablutions. Fed the boys, had some breakfast and when Claudia and Gerrit came over to see how things were and drop off Phoebe we were about to have lunch. They declined the offer of soup as were on their way to a teenager’s birthday with hot dogs for lunch. Was going for a walk but got stuck into cleaning Zaza and Muffin (our trusty bikes) and with that out of the way we didn’t feel guilty relaxing and reading a bit before taking the pooches for their walk. I forgot to mention that I was finally reunited with my ‘night time P bakkie’.

As mentioned before I bought this container in Khartoum, Sudan and it’s been a lifesaver at night when we’re camping and I don’t have to schlep to the loo at 3 am. The above is thanks to Herbert Schubert who arranged for it to be brought down to Swakopmund … we collected it yesterday. It got a good soaking in bleach and it smells as fresh as a springtime Namaqualand daisy. Pat sent me a picture of Hoender and his girlfriend getting acquainted on their farm ????. I hope he doesn’t overdo things and die of a heart attack ??. We had hake for supper which was great, I can’t remember when last we had fish and neither can Peter. Watched a new TV series, Sherlock Holmes … the new version and quite enjoyed the first episode. The boys are asleep and its only 20h21. Time for another Sherlock Holmes  episode. Night night everyone ????

– Happy to be reunited with my P bakkie
– Fresh hake from Walvis Bay
– Walvis Bay’s quaint little Waterfront
– Rasco, Boerboel and Bongi, Schnauzer, our step children for 10 days
– Hoender en sy nuwe vrou op die plaas … hoender and his new wifey at the farm

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