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Wealth Management

Our wealth management services include financial planning, healthcare and investment management. We aim to provide you with a clear strategy to achieve financial freedom and we do this with the help of our experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS®.
Investment Planning
We create a solution tailored to your needs and lifestyle, with risk calculated into the equation. At Origin Financial, we carefully consider each client’s goals before we begin constructing a financial plan to help you achieve these goals.

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Stock Portfolios
We make available to you a variety of shares and other stocks in both local and international markets, and our expert advisers are on hand to give you tailored advice on managed share portfolios.

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Unit Trusts
A unit trusts is a safe financial vehicle with flexible terms, premiums and managed structures, making it an incredibly effective investment tool.

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Tax Free Saving Products (TFS)
There are a variety of tax-free saving products available with the unique benefit of no tax levies (hidden or otherwise) tied to the product. These savings vehicles are often employed when maximum premium deductions on retirement funds have already been reached.

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Group Funds and Schemes
Origin Financial has compiled a group of funds and schemes which will help you save for your future. When you contribute to a pension or provident fund through your employer, you need a clear plan on how these contributions will be used to finance your pension in future and ensure that you have enough money to sustain your retirement.

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Savings Plans
We provide tailored plans to meet the long-term financial goals of an individual or family.

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Managed Portfolios
We leverage the expertise of fund managers and the power of model portfolios to actively manage your investments according to your risk profile, the term of investment and your specific goals. This ensures the ultimate return on investment within the most appropriate cost structures.

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Planning at Retirement
By considering the capital accumulated during your working life, we ensure that your income needs at retirement are met; our advice is structured using living annuities, life annuities or interest income profiles.

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