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Guy on a Bike – 5 July 2018, Day 214

Resting day 5 at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance 7823
Total from Amsterdam  13223

Forgot to mention yesterday that the main reason for going to the city was to extend our Zambian visas. Peter was in and out of the Immigration offices in a flash so now we have an extra month. Ants are a major problem here at Bets and Wikus’ house but think it’s a  problem all over as its extremely dry … on the end of the kitchen tap mixer, inside the kettle and the sugar bowl, even around the toilet bowl and the loo brush holder. I must ask Ros if she also has this problem. We both polished off our 80 g slabs of chocolate last night while watching NCSI on tv. Peter had cashew and coconut, mine was plain white chocolate, yum. Our adopted child meows but not for some of our food, she just wants attention and to lie with us, a precious girl, though have discovered she loves cheese. While watching tv last night we suddenly heard odd sounds coming from the kitchen … the washing machine started itself with an error message on the dials, not good.

When Gladwell arrived this morning we told him and switching the machine on again at the plug the error message reappeared. He got a guy over to help carry the machine outside and it looks like a  mouse or rat could be the cause of the problem. There were droppings on the floor behind the machine and he said it looked as though mouse pee could be the cause. The machine is still under warranty so he didn’t want to fiddle with it further. We have been invited by Ros and Tessi for a supper of roast beef tonight. It will be nice to catch up with them again before we start riding on Sunday. There will also be ‘snot en trane’ having to say goodbye to our foster cat, Tsotsie. Peter cleaned his bike and changed the front brake pads. I’ll clean my bike tomorrow, maybe on Saturday. Supper at Ros and Tessalyn was divine, our last roast until who knows when. Our girl was waiting for us, full of complaints about leaving her alone, but now lying in my arm so presume she has forgiven us ?????? Night all xx

– Tsotsie checking to see if she could fit into one of my clothing zip up bags

– Supper with Ros and Tessalyn

– Ants in the sugar container