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Guy on a Bike – Fri 6 July 2018, Day 215

Resting day 6 at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance 13 + 7823 = 7836
Total from Amsterdam  13236

All three of us were still in bed at 09h16. It was very cold so made the most of warm comfy beds, 11h00 and still under the blankets. The electricity went off around 09h30 for power shedding and at 11h30 we received a messague from Dutch couple, Wilchard and Wendy, that they’d arrived at the Cosmo Mall. We got ourselves ready to ride there but had to use bottled water to brush our teeth as with no electricity water could not be pumped from the borehole. Also it was very overcast, it started drizzling and a head wind but with only 6.5 km there, we arrived at the Hippo + Keg pub very sweaty. Changed into long sleeve Icebreaker tops and dried wet ones draped over panniers. Willhard and Wendy are 53 and 46 respectively, sold his IT company, cars, house and contents, in fact everything except for one suitcase each of clothing that’s being stored with a family member. They started cycling in Kazakhstan, or one of the ‘Stans’ in April 2017 and have only been back to Holland for two weeks before flying to CT to ride to PE then back to CT via Route 62, up through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and going as far as Cairo, also riding in Rwanda and Uganda. Distance to date 22000 km. They have to be home by December for a family wedding.

Made our way to Pizza Hut and treated ourselves to large pizzas on special, two for K120, then Shoprite for a few basics. Bought a few  sachets of food for Tsotsie, K10 each and K100 for electricity giving 240 units. We missed part of the France Uruguay game but happy France won 2-0 and through to the semi finals. Re Wimbledon Venus is out and Serena is in but it’s still early days. Next is Belgium Brazil and we’re routing for Belgium. Watched a bit of Federer vs Struff (whoever he is) with Federer  going through.  Full time score Belgium 2 Brazil 1. Two more sleeps with our kitty. Her history … owners moved out, said they’d collect her and did not bother so Bets and Wikus adopted her, had her spayed and now their daughter, Anita and hubby will take Tsotsie when they move to their own house. Anita got married three weeks ago. They also have two dogs so hope this girl gets on with the dogs. I could very easily adopt this Fluff-Puff. She’s the most affectionate and feisty cat I’ve ever known. Going to miss her so much, she reminds me of Coco, both were homeless, both affectionate. Enough for today. ?? ?? xx

– Wilchard and Wendy from the Netherlands

– See the K5 box of kiddies soft toys. I wanted to buy one as a mascot for my bike but I got outvoted ??

– Our girl in Lusaka, Tsotsie ??????

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