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Guy on a Bike – Sat 7 July 2018, Day 216


Resting day 7 at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance 7836
Total from Amsterdam  13236

Peter was up at sparrows watching his team, Chiefs bt Brumbies while I had fuzzgut under the blankets for a last lie in and cuddle. We asked Ros if she’d mind doing a load of washing, mainly bedding and towels and a few bits of our measly wardrobe. After collecting the clean stuff, it started drizzling so we had to be creative in hanging over metal chairs, a few lines under the back veranda and draped over bikes. Ros came to say goodbye as she’s  spending a few days with friends. Matthew and Judith, her amazing chief cook, bottle washer and general handyman, and his wife, will feed the dogs and take good care of things while she’s away. Ros has been amazing during our stay in the complex where her home is a stone’s throw from Bets and Wikus’ place.

I still haven’t cleaned my bike, just not in the mood, I’ll rather blame the cold wind outside. I’ll do the chain later today and promise Muffin I’ll wash her when we reach Livingstone, there’s plenty of water there I can use. Just need to take my bike near the falls and the spray alone will be enough to give her a shower. Felt guilty after eight days of R+R so got stuck in and cleaned my whole bike. Cooked onions, tomatoes and brinjal for supper tomorrow night, will just need to boil spaghetti. A short ride of only 40 odd km tomorrow so we’ll leave around 9 or 10. Stormers beat Sharks 27-16. England beat Sweden and Croatia bt Russia in a penalty shoot out. Night xx

– A fond farewell to Ros Baillie … and the marmalade cat, Tsotsie. I think Fluff-Puff is a better name for this lovable pudditat. Going to miss both of these girls