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Guy on a Bike – Tue 3 July 2018, Day 212

Resting day 3 at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance  7802
Total from Amsterdam  13202

Madam ginger fluff-puff slept with us again. Temperature today in Lusaka 10 + 22 and I’m staying in bed till it warms up. I received a photo of snow on Sir Lowry’s Pass road late last night from Garth, have never seen this before. Ceres is under snow with tourists flocking there, causing chaos in this sleepy  town.

All three of us are in bed with toast, coffee and Milo, yum. I have forgotten that this was how we spent our Sunday mornings in winter, back home. Washed almost all our clothing and I then rode to the Cosmopolitan Shopping centre to Vodacom to see about an address list for emailing. Truly hope it solves the problem of the long list of recipients I mail my diary to daily.

I walked around the centre coming across many stores in The Foschini Group … Sterns, American Swiss, Foschini, Markham, Total Sports, Sports Scene, @Home and Exact. The centre should just have been named TFG Mall!! I chatted to the manageress of Exact for a short while. I spent about two hours at Vodacom with only one staff member on duty with clients coming in disrupting the guy trying to set up an address book. He got it set up but it only accepted gmail addresses. He then tried doing it through Outlook but after two hours of interruptions I decided to give up and possibly go in on Thursday when he’ll be on duty again. Sweden bt Switzerland this afternoon and at the moment England and Columbia are playing. Thats it guys. Night xx

PS  Our kitty here has decided to go ‘walkabout’ and been gone since 19h30. We are so worried but owners Bets and Wikus say she does it from time to time, naughty girl ?? UPDATE … SHE’S HOME


– Ros, me, daughter, Tessa and Lena
– The gorgeous ginger Fluff-puff. She loves draping herself