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Guy on a Bike – Mon 2 July 2018, Day 211

Resting day 2 at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance 15 + 7787 = 7802
Total from Amsterdam  13202

Can’t make a habit of sleeping in as we’ll get lazy, like in Zanzibar. With the temp outside on the windy and chilly side it was great having an affectionate kitty, toast and tea in bed. Gladwell, the domestic house cleaner arrived so we moved our panniers to our room while he cleaned. He told us where to find a street ‘bike mechanic’ other than the one in town, Cycle Mart, 10 km from here. He also showed us how to use the washing machine so our clothing will get more than a lick and promise wash. We rode to the Makeni Mall where they have Pick n Pay, Food Lovers Market, a dentist, an Indian restaurant and a real hairdresser where we will both get haircuts, K70 each some time this week. Made our way over to Cosmopolitan Mall where we bought groceries and ingredients for Bev’s Indian curry which we took over to Ros’ house for supper with her daughter, Tessi and German friend, Lena. Dessert was pineapple jelly, mixed fruit salad of apple, orange and banana with berry yoghurt. On returning to Bets’ house, saw that Belgium beat Japan 3-2, earlier Mexico losing to Brazil.