You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Tue 13 Nov 2018, Day 345

Crazy Guy on Bike – Tue 13 Nov 2018, Day 345

Staying at Orange Elephant Backpackers, Addo
Distance 58 + 14244 = 14302
Average 14.4
Time 4 h 2 m
Total from Amsterdam 19644
Location S33.513753, E25.693279

01h30. From not a breath of wind, to pumping. Just hope it blows itself out by 5 am. If not Peter said we’ll hitch a lift to Paterson, 27 km from here as it’s too dangerous to ride up the pass and downhill to the town. 06h19 and a slight breeze so we are riding. I’m nervous about the steep climb and were told there are  many trucks on this road as well. Breezed it so we must be reasonably fit, then stopped at the summit and shared an apple to celebrate the easy ascent. The elevation was only about 180 metres over 6 km but locals kept telling us how steep and dangerous the road was.

Arrived in the town of Paterson and headed to a garage to get directions to a supermarket. Well, who needs a supermarket when there’s the ‘Coffee Cafe & Fudge’ quaint coffee shop cum farm stall, We had delicious homemade pies, freshly baked rolls, boerewors (direct translation is farmers sausage), two ice suckers each and energy drinks for the road. The 32 km to Addo and ‘Orange Elephant Backpackers’ was flat with some head wind. We cruised along checking out giraffe, zebra and one elephant, all in the Addo game reserve.

Arrived in the outskirts of Addo and went into another farm stall/deli selling yummy stuff … nectarines ??, an avocado, fresh bread, Doritos and two litres of pineapple Fanta. Oh ja, almost forgot, I bought a You magazine,  the first one in almost a year. The backpackers were 1 km down the hill from the deli and John the owner has given us a 3×3 metre tent, with double bed to sleep in. They also have a bar where Peter can buy beer tonight. We both got ourselves showered and had avo rolls and nectarines for lunch. Peters in lalaland having a zizz on an old coach and my eyes are drooping so I plan to read a bit and catch a few Zzz as well. Catch ya later…

Oh man, what a good snooze I had this afternoon. I was out for the count. It was great using the backpackers kitchen and had eland sausage stew and spaghetti for supper. Going to the pub for a beer and find out about the weather tonight as it looks like rain … no rain predicted but it’s chilly now that we’ve dropped to an altitude of 82. A beer and a shandy at the backpackers pub and now time to relax and read my You magazine or watch a movie. Night folks xx


– Lovely feld flowers along Olifantskop Pass

– Coming down the Pass we saw these three giraffes from the road

– The interior of the Coffee Cafe & Fudge farm stall in Paterson

– We saw a lot Plumbago growing wild on today’s ride. Always reminds us of Vic and Carol who live on Plumbago Drive

– We have an outside round space with a huge tent, comfy couch and coffee table … all to ourselves. Shade cloth roof with bougainvillea covering it

– Enjoying a beer and shandy with these two pooches belonging to John, owner of the Orange Elephant