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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 14 Oct 2018, Day 315

Camping at the Keetmanshoop Municipal Rest Camp
Distance 12360
Total from Amsterdam 17760

It was lovely and cool in our tent last night, a welcome change and long may this last. Our legs and my hip and knee are surprisingly okay. We walked to the P’nP store in town and bought a few essentials for the next few days as well as a treat (Twix for me and a chocolate for Peter) to celebrate our achievement as well as a Rolo to share. It’s sad that the local Spar store burnt to the ground about two weeks ago.

All the roads within Keetmanshoop are being re-tarred, this municipality must be flush. Lunch was a squashed avocado from yesterday’s ride, on nice fresh bread and we bought sausage to add to our regular onion and tomato, with rice for supper. Peter also bought scones and bought some for Fernando, Dominic and Festus, the guys who helped us get settled last night … with a tin of jam. We also bought a tin of dog food for Fernando’s jack russell, Spikke, ‘lookalike’ pooch and a sachet of Whiskes kitten cat food that I’ll carry to feed a hungry puddytat somewhere along the way.

I went into Pep Stores where I found regular cotton underwear to try out under my lycra cycling pants. If it doesn’t make my ride more comfortable, I’ll give it away. A Spanish lady, part of a Nomad’s overland vehicle was in front of me at the till at P’nP and her two trolleys of groceries came to N6251. She was a bit upset that the store didn’t have ice so when I left P’nP Mrs MacGyver kicked into ‘operation find ice’.

I popped into a restaurant/coffee shop over the road and spoke to the manager. Went back to P’nP and found the lady who had a local gentleman in tow wanting N20 tip for pushing a trolley about 20 metres to the Nomad’s truck. I took her to the coffee shop and the staff told us they had 10 bags of ice. One Spanish lady and 24 others on the Nomad’s truck will be happy tonight.

Had an early supper means we have more time to watch movies later before gravity takes over our eyelids. We are off in the direction of Grunau tomorrow, will probably do 80 km, camp at who knows where. On Tuesday it’s 40 km to a friend of a friend’s guest farm, Savanhua where we’ll pitch our tent.

Night night everyone.