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Crazy Guy on bike – Sat 4 Aug July 2018, Day 244

Rest day at Priscilla + Billy Dally’s home in Bulawayo
Distance  8962
Total from Amsterdam  14362

No headache this morning, just tired from the very late night which we’re not used to. One of Priscilla’s dachshunds stole a packet of ginger nut biscuits and Peter found the evidence on the lawn this morning? We went to the neighbour, Glynnis to watch Crusaders whip the Lions. I only watched until half time. Peter was so cross to see Elton Jantjies playing. He was the cause of giving away two tries, useless is an understatement.

We cycled to the Spar to buy ingredients for macaroni and cheese for supper and was surprised to see chicken and beef stock cubes there. On our way back we looked for and found a distant relative’s house. Gordon Norman was a cousin of my late Mom but he and his wife, both in their 90’s, have passed on two or three years ago. We spoke to their neighbour who didn’t speak much English. I was expecting this as the last time we saw them was in 2012 and they were then already frail.

Peter and I, as well as Priscilla, had a much needed snooze this afternoon. We did a bit of hand washing and while I made supper Priscilla and Peter were swapping movies and books. We ate supper while watching an animated movie called Ballerina. Instead of heading to Vic Falls tomorrow we’re doing a slight detour to cycle a bit in Matopo Hills, probably back on Monday afternoon. It’s only 35 km to the gate and we’ll ride a bit in the park before finding a place to camp. Nothing exciting to write so I’ll end off here. Night all xx
PS  Priscilla said we probably won’t have a signal so you won’t receive an update for a few days. Don’t worry, there are no lions in the park.


– This lady was at a stop/go and it was nice to see her hard hat with extra protection from the sun

– So sad to see the gate chained at the home of my late Mom’s cousin Gordon and his wife Thelma Norman in Hillside, Bulawayo

– It’s nice to see the baobab that Gordon and Thelma planted over 60 years ago is still doing well and the grey Loerie perched hi up in the branches

– In Europe last year I enjoyed a Radler beer. Am hoping they’re available in SA too