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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 29 July 2018, Day 238

Rest day 2 at Bruce and Carol Newman, Hove Dairy Farm, Kadoma
Distance  8636
Total from Amsterdam  14036

Peter and I had a meeting early this morning and decided not to join Bruce and Carol on a trip to the dam with friends. We went walkabout on the farm and spent the day relaxing, reading, watching the local Kingfisher perch on a wooden structure, watched a bit of sport on TV and just enjoying the tranquility of what farm life is all about. The Newman’s returned home after a great day with friends playing around with a drone, going up a river in a speed boat, fish eagle sightings etc. They asked if we’d like to stay longer to give cycling on election day a miss but we’re certain everything will be peaceful tomorrow. Bruce gave us some steak and sausage to grill on their cadac griller so we’ve been spoilt with more good food, company and Zimbabweans taking us in and making us feel so at home. Their theatre in town is known as The Cambell Theatre and is the second longest theatre in the world that produces an annual pantomime.  It’s +- 72 years old. The oldest theatre is evidently located in a small town in Australia and beats them by one year. Over and above what Bruce and Carol have done to make us welcome was that Carol found in her kitchen cupboard for me … two spare plastic bottle pippies in case I  lose my coke drinking bottle. That’s all for today xx



– A double Poinsettia tree

– The kingfisher facing away from Peter’s Keen sandals

– Hove Dairy Farm

– Milking area

– Far right building is where we’ve stayed