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Crazy Guy on Bike – Fri 3 Aug July 2018, Day 243

Staying with Priscilla + Billy Dally, Bulawayo
Distance 47 + 8915 = 8962
Average 16.2
Time 2 h 53 m
Total from Amsterdam  14362

Left 07:25 and it was back to two jackets and socks but with the morning sun on our backs and 5 km down the road, we started peeling off the layers. It was a lovely easy ride with one stop for a sandwich. I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw our first grey Loerie in months and are seeing lots of grey herons as well. Peter’s had a blister of sorts just above his right knee which now has a scab. He was going to see a doctor but I sent a photo to our GP in Knysna who thinks it could be a tick bite. He was on broad spectrum tablets last week for saddle sores which has hopefully got the blister sorted at the same time.

We arrived in Bulawayo after an easy short ride. Stopped to take a picture of an old pale blue Peugeot 504 which looked pretty clapped out but was told it’s still going and bought choc chip biscuits and a Miranda from the nearby Tilus supermarket, then had some fun with the staff and locals. The manageress, Juliette, couldn’t believe that we’d ridden all the way from Amsterdam, neither can I sometimes.

Just 400 metres and over a small hill we were happy to see Priscilla and hubby, Billy Dally’s home on the left. I think yesterday’s ride of over 100 km is catching up with me. We met Priscilla who dashed in and out again as she was playing in a friendly golf tournament. A one in a thousand coincidence occurred this afternoon. Nicky from the farm ‘Geluk’, where we stayed with Fanie and Janita, is best friends with Priscilla where we are staying tonight and tomorrow night. We walked down to the Bulawayo Country Club in time for the prize giving. Priscilla and her partner came 11th overall and she also won the lucky ‘cash’ draw, splitting it with her partner. Supper was a Greek affair and the drinks were flowing till closing time. McNulty even got up and danced. Once again, we experienced amazing hospitality and our jaws dropped open when we all put 2+2 together and couldn’t believe that in 2011 we watched NZ play France in the world cup rugby at Priscilla and Billy’s home at Amalinda in the Matopo Hills and seven years later we are staying with Priscilla in Bulawayo… Billy is currently at Amalinda in the Matopos with a tour group. They have a daughter, Liana, 8, who is visiting her grandparents on their farm close to Shangani.

Were leaving for Vic Falls on Sunday but as Matopo Hills is just 40 odd km from Bulawayo we’re going to ride through the park and camp there one night, returning to Bulawayo Monday or Tuesday. Got chatting to Colin Gillies who promotes cycle rides in the Motopos as well as in Hwange which is tempting for some time in the future. With the DJ who is much older than me calling it a day, we finished our drinks and headed home while the youngsters went looking for a place to continue partying. Summary … a lovely day amongst friendly Zim folk, great food and a few glasses of wine. I asked Peter how many beers he’d drunk … he said 3 … so I said x 3 = 9 … he said 3 x 3 = 4 …I think he’s  ‘ge-suip’ … inebriated. Back at the Dally’s home, Peter’s hunger worm started screaming so a few slices of toast filled his tummy. I had a mug of hot chocolate and we hit the comfy bed, falling asleep almost immediately?



– These two young ladies posed with their dog, taking a break from their stretching exercises on top of this bridge

– A Peugeot 504 showing its wear and tear but still on the road

– Juliette and staff at Tilus Supermarket

– A vintage Jeep that Billy is storing for his Dad

– Priscilla and Billy’s home in the suburb of Matsheumhlope, Bulawayo

– Priscilla and her golfing partner, Kevin Strydom


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