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Crazy Guy on Bike – Wed 29 Aug 2018, Day 269

Camping at a Clinic 35 km from Mururani
Distance 108 + 10458 = 10566
Average 18.4
Time 5 h 52 m
Total from Amsterdam 15966
Location S18.528498, E19.179082

Woke up to a very chilly morning, it must be from the cold spell of snow Cape Town  recently had. We had our breakfast using the lodge’s cups, hot water and toaster. Filled all our water bottles and said farewell to the new owner, Herbert and helpful staff but I couldn’t find my sunnies so had to unpack the tent and they were there!

Stopped at Shoprite for fresh wholewheat bread and finally got peddling at 08h30. First thing to catch Peters eye was the SA soccer team’s nickname. A great smooth road with wind coming from  various directions during the day. Stopped to chat to Reinhardt and family from a town near Stuttgart, Germany who was taking pics of us as we approached. Turns out they passed us a few days ago going to Khaudum, a very sandy national park. All we’ve heard the whole day from small villages is ‘sweets’ sweets’, sounds like we’re back in Malawi.

While sitting at a picnic spot two SA bakkies rode past, turned around and came back to chat. Cindy and Len Booysen live in Phalaborwa and Emmie and Jan Marx in Nelspruit. They are the first South Africans who have stopped to chat. All was going well up to 100 km when Peter dropped back which is most unusual. I waited for him to catch up but that took ages. We stopped at a tiny supermarket for a Fanta and I gave him a Rehydrate and we rested for about 15 minutes. He decided it would be best to pedal back 7 km to a clinic we had just ridden past. The nurse on duty check for malaria, negative and took his temperature which was 36.

He laid in the shade on the tent’s ground sheet and had a snooze. While Peter sterilised all the water we filled from an outside tap here at the clinic I went to a shebeen and bought him a coke and we got permission to camp at the clinic’s grounds tonight. Peter felt like oats, milk and a banana but not the mince we bought yesterday so we just had two minute noodles instead for supper. The nurse got us a bucket of water and we washed the essential areas. He’s drunk a lot of water and is feeling a lot stronger. We’ll see how he feels in the morning and decide what to do … ride or hitch a lift. Am rather upset as I left a very important item at Ngandu Lodge this morning … my night time piddle bottle? Will have to see if Herbert from the lodge finds it or I’ll have to buy a tub of yogurt and use that once we’ve devoured its contents. Jeez, it’s noisy at the clinic. Almost 10 pm .. dogs yapping, kids screaming down the road and night club competing too but Peter’s sleeping which is good. That’s it folks, night night!


– Ngandu Safari Lodge’s pool
– Bafana Bafana Pub just outside Rundu
– Would love to know what size truck uses these tyres
– Peter having fun with a few children. I hope this youngster