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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 21 Oct 2018, Day 323

Camping at Kolbas Padstal, 32 km from Groblershoop
Distance 86 + 12829 = 12915
Average 13.0
Time 6 h 37 m
Total from Amsterdam 18229
Location S28.685848, E21.80885

We decided to leave Upington today even if it’s windy and when the alarm went off at 04h45 and there was a slight breeze. Only problem is that we need a few provisions and I’ve put aside a few items at P’nP Clothing, they open at 09h00 on Sundays. 05h50 and it’s getting windier. Peter told me that he’d contracted a rare tropical disease that forces him to blow me kisses which don’t smell like perfume … and this may have contributed to the windier conditions?

Said our good-byes to Norbert and Ingrid and headed to P’nP where we got chatting to the franchise owner, Jeremie. He was originally from Cape Town, got tired of the traffic, opened the P’nP store in Upington and has no regrets. I collected my two new cycling bras and a new bathing costume while Peter lubed our chains.

The first 50 km was into a strong wind while riding rolling hills, something we’ll have to get used to, Namibia being mostly flat. The picnic sites aren’t bad at all but a couple of the thatched roofs have ‘found new homes’ (stolen).

We saw signs for Karos but must have blinked a few times so never got to see the town!! Having finished one litre of Coke we were thrilled to see the dorp, Grootdrink (town Largedrink) and were surprised to see a well stocked store owned by two Bangladeshi guys, Hasan at the till and Aminul. Their shop is called ‘Contenment’.

By now the wind had changed to a cross wind and later a tail wind, then back to cross wind. Have given up with the wind direction. At around 5 pm we came across a farm stall call Kolbas, asked the workers (living nearby) if we could pitch our tent under the lapa and were told to ask the people living a short distance away. Found the house and was greeted by a fluffy siamese cat, evidently called Ramkat.

Petro Burger arrived a short while later who not only gave us filtered water, she also suggested we shower before heading back to the farm stall to pitch our tent. We would have washed under the nearby tap next to the lapa.  Petro’s husband, Wollie (Willem) Burger was out at his brother’s guest house settling in people staying for the night. Their farm’s name is ‘Uitkoms’ and is in the Kalkwerf area.

We had just got our tent pitched when Wollie arrived with a huge spotlight which he connected for us. He showed us the products at the farm stall, mostly made by the locals as well as Petro’s homemade fudge, jam, cookies and ginger beer, of which he gave us two bottles. Supper was leftovers from last night then we polished off a camembert with Carr’s water biscuits and fed the two young black cats a sachet cat food I now keep handy for hungry little mouths.

Eyes getting droopy so good night from us!


  • Peter battling up a toughie, into the wind
  • Children at the Contenment Supermarket
  • Petro and Ramkat
  • Wollie (Willem) in the Kolbas padstal
  • Our accommodation for tonight at Kolbas