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Winter is the best time to shape up and reclaim your summer (and lockdown) bod. We all know this does not just happen but requires dedication, commitment, goals and above all, an action plan to attain it. We need to follow a healthy meal plan, exercise more plus restrict all those empty-calorie items from our diets!
Your business is no different and requires the same dedication, goals and plan to achieve those “business summer bod” results.

Part of your plan should include a risk management assessment and plan i.e. identify what could go wrong and have a plan to limit the impact on your business.
The Origin team of advisers can assist you with this essential and holistic risk management plan.
An appropriate short-term insurance solution is an essential part of this risk management plan. With over 200 years of collective experience in business risk management, Origin advisers can assist you in implementing this plan.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Fleet Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Structured and sell captive Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Broadform Liability
  • Guarantees
  • Cyber and eCommerce

As a business owner, I am sure we have all pondered on how we can support our employees, partners and stakeholders in a better way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues that come to mind during the lockdown are that as business owners, we would all like to keep on earning a decent income and pay all employees’ salaries plus all other business expenses. We would like to know our employees are members of a comprehensive medical aid plus have group life benefits to assist financially should they fall seriously ill or pass away. Thus, another part of the “summer body” plan is to assess your business in terms of the people involved. The Origin team of financial planners can assist you in implementing this plan.

A few areas to include in this plan:

  • Buy and sell structures and business continuation plans and contracts
  • Key-person and contingent liability structures
  • Employee benefits; including pension and provident umbrella funds, group retirement annuities, group life and disability benefits.
  • Group medical aid and GAP cover.

Let’s not forget to shape the whole body! How about those accounting records, financial statements, VAT returns, to name a few, that are not up to date? The Origin team also offers the advice and services of MST Tax and Accounting Group to assist you with these crucial records and assessments. Now is the time to also seek assistance for all these essential records plus a proper tax structure to incorporate all the insurance, business continuation plans and group benefits.

Contact your Origin partner now to attain the best “Business Summer Body” results!