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Incoming earning ability

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For the months of March & April the Origin team is committed to help you replace your income during times you are not able to earn an income. The loss of your monthly income can lead to non -payment of numerous monthly financial responsibilities, which could have disastrous consequences for your family and business.In the short term, while you are sick or temporary disabled your income can be replaced by temporary income benefit. In times of permanent disability your monthly income can be replaced up to age 70.Should a motor vehicle accident occur or an event to interrupt your business or damage to your business premises, the Origin team will assure your applicable short term insurance will help you to have the least interruption to your ability to earn income. Amongst various other products & services, Origin provide the professional market with PPS benefits. The Professional Provident Society focus on the professional person and – business owner and offers a wide variety of products. Their main products focus on replacement of income and have unique offerings which include: International cover through a Sickness benefit to cover you from day 1 after 7 days of not operating your business. International cover through a permanent income replacement when the unfortunate happens and you are permanently disabled. A business overhead protection to add to your sickness benefit to help pay your fixed expenses for up to 24 months. PPS now extends their product-offering to their clients by offering unique short term insurance products, including specialist Professional Indemnity solutions. These short term products come with the full range of extended PPS benefits. These products are only a few to mention as they will help you to retain your income earning ability when unforeseen events happen. Contact your Origin advisor to assure your benefits suit you and your business well. Did you know: PPS now also offers a credit card to their product suit. PPS products are now available to a wider range of occupations. PPS s’ profits are allocated to PPS members with qualifying products on an annual basis by way of allocations to their PPS Profit-Share Accounts. The Origin team offer a wide range and structures to assure you receive an income when unable to earn one! Contact your Origin financial planner now to ease your mind!