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Guy on a Bike – Thur 28 June 2018, Day 207

Staying at Kalunda Bar + Grille, (David’s Pub)
Distance 65 + 7537 =   7602
Average 12.7
Time 5 h 07 m
Total from Amsterdam  13002
Location S15.07552, E29.67802

Left at 06h55 but our bread had an army of ants in the plastic bag so dumped it all on the side of the road for the goats, chickens or birds. Peter found a shop open and managed to buy more bread. I was so excited at seeing oranges and apples yesterday and bought a few of each for the next three days making our panniers heavy again. Bought a nice bunch of bananas then at 39 km came across a lady selling yummy guavas, 3 for ZK1 so bought more and paid her double. Peter also got Fanta and Coke for our sugar fix and energy boost.

We got chatting to a young girl, Ruth Lungu aged 16, in school uniform who spoke beautiful English. We were both gobsmacked when we heard her speak and heard afterwards that she attends the Flama Boarding Trust private school 10 km from the village. She has aspirations of studying and traveling. I hope she fulfills her dreams. She and her school principle, Mr Mwale were hoping to flag down a vehicle to take her back to the school. When riding past her school later she was sitting on the grass embankment and could not come to chat to us as she wasn’t allowed to step off the grass onto the road. She has a cell phone but no phones are allowed on the premises of this boarding school. Mmm, something all schools should consider.

Had lunch at 51 km and not parking my bike properly made it fall over with most of the stuff in my bar bag falling out. We were rummaging in the yellow grass looking for bits and bobs, a nice find was 4 jelly beans ?? At 58 km we saw a touring cyclist coming up a steep hill we were freewheeling down.

Josh Buchsbaum, 28 from Colorado left Cape Town two months ago and is heading to Egypt and then to Europe, hoping to be there for the summer next year. Our ride today went from super smooth to bumpy tar but on the whole a good day in the saddle, taking it really easy. Arrived at Kalunda Bar + Grille just after 2 pm and were undecided whether or not to camp here. They have a TV for the soccer at 8 and what made us decide to stay was when a CA registered Landcruiser Trooper pulled into the carpark. Dutch couple Gerda and Marcel Dufornée from Gorinchem bought their second hand vehicle, already kitted out, from an overland car hire company and R+D Offroad in CT added a few necessary improvements. What I particularly liked was their griller, bought from Makro, that they put over a gas two burner plate and grilled a piece of beef steak one side and mixed veg the other.

We had left over chicken, braised onion and tomatoes with nice thin spaghetti and an orange. Marcel made real coffee and Gerda served us banana loaf, we had some ginger biscuits to add to the feast.The soccer was ok what with Belgium and England both going through. I can barely keep my eyes open so apologies for not being more creative with today’s events. Lala salama xx



– This gorgeous baobab must be well over a hundred years old

– 16 year old Ruth Lungu who attends the private school, Flama Boarding Trust

– Josh Buchsbaum riding Cape Town to Europe

– Gerda and Marcel from the Netherlands and their lovely kitted out Toyota Trooper