You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Wed 7 Nov 2018, Day 339

Crazy Guy on Bike – Wed 7 Nov 2018, Day 339

Wed 7 Nov 2018, Day 339

Sleeping at Molteno Herberg B&B
Distance 72 + 13846 = 13918
Average 13.3
Time 5 h 23 m
Total from Amsterdam 19318
Location S31.395967, E26.362926

Slept like logs and woke up thrilled to be back on tar. After having breakfast with our hosts, Karen had to leave by 0730 to be in Aliwal North for work, she is a partner in a quantity surveying  business. She told us that the weather forecast temp prediction for this morning was “5°C but feels like 1°C”. We had a good giggle when Johnny told us that his brother is a “fly spy” (Health Inspector) in East London. Also that if sheep are shorn in winter it takes them two to four weeks to become acclimatised to the cold weather. If cold weather hits, leave the sheep alone. Moving sheep causes them to lose body heat and they die. We got away at 07h30 and it was freezing brrr cold. More useful information should you ever decide to be in this area in winter is that the water pipes in the houses freeze for days on end so no showering or bathing. Farmers are tough in this neck of the woods … in winter when temps are really low (-15°C) they just put on a second pair of shorts.

We stopped at the garage cafe in Jamestown for Rolo chocolates and a Crunchie for Peter, he loves them. My knee was giving me hell (I had forgotten to rub in Voltaren last night and this morning) so had our second breakfast at 09h30, Provita with bovril and cheese and we shared the Crunchie. I could then take an inflammatory tablet after having eaten. I’d been dreaming of hot chocolate when we reached Pierrie Botha’s farm (he had supper with us last night) and was deciding what I’d sacrifice for a mug of hot chocolate and decided Peter’s left …. would do just fine??  We had a good giggle and Peter said he’d have to check, from now on, every time I have hot chocolate that he still has both! We popped in to say hi to Pierrie and was promply invited for tea and hot chocolate. After riding 35 km into an 11 o’clock crosswind we turned right and was in seventh heaven to ride on smooth tar and a tailwind all the way to Molteno, the small town where Pierrie arranged for us to sleep at a GH that is owned by the local butcher, Tommy van Straaten. Tommy thinks we’re crazy but “each to their own” was his thoughts on our ride. Our bikes are behind locked gates and are under a veranda. We learnt from Tommy that Molteno is where Ouma Rusks was founded by Elizabeth Ann Greyvenstyn. This is what google told me …

“In an effort to reduce the negative impact of the Great Depression, the town’s pastor offered each female member of his congregation money to start local businesses and increase their family income. They each received a half-crown, which is equivalent to two shillings and sixpence (roughly worth £30 or R520 in 2016).The rusks were first sold under the brand name “Outspan Rusks” but was changed soon after to ‘Ouma’ (Afrikaans for grandmother). In 1941 the fledgling governmental Industrial development Corporation (South Africa) gave its first start-up loan to Ouma Rusks for £1,500. Elizabeth’s grandson, Leon Greyvensteyn, who was involved in the establishment and management of the company went on to found the Simba Chip company in 1956″.

Borsdol is another famous brand that originated from Molteno (Borsdol is a licorice extract cough syrup). We decided to get take aways (hamburgers and chips). The Hungry Den is over the road from Tommy’s butcher and guest house so no cooking of pasta or rice, onion or tomatoes for supper, yayy. We will be able to relax and have an early night. Tomorrow’s ride is a short 60 km ride to Steynsberg. Good night all xx

– Kortbroek (shorts) for these hardy farmers in this district

– We enjoyed Provita with Bovril and cheese while sitting in a cement sloot and protected from the wind

– Pierrie’s farm. Note the comment in red

– We’d just enjoyed chicken mayonnaise sarmies then back on smooth tar with a tailwind

– Molteno Butchery with the guest house on the right

– Our take always were from The Hungry Den