Tax & Accounting


We offer a comprehensive suite of accounting and advisory services through our partner, lumenrock, within the Origin Group of Companies. Our team comprises qualified auditors, professional accountants, tax practitioners, and bookkeepers who are dedicated to providing you with expert advice and support across all facets of the dynamic business landscape.

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Our qualified professionals are well-versed in compiling annual financial statements, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements such as the Companies Act, Close Corporations Act, Trust Property Control Act, and IFRS standards. Whether you need an independent review or audit as per your company’s partners, Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), or statutory obligations, we have you covered.

Gain a competitive edge by obtaining formal or informal financial management information. Management accounts play a pivotal role in securing funding and making informed business decisions. Let us provide you with the insights you need to drive sustainable growth.

Stay ahead of the curve with educated financial forecasting and budgeting, areas where our expertise shines. Origin can help you set business benchmarks, anticipate cash flow shortfalls, and identify lucrative investment opportunities.

Navigating the evolving legislative landscape can be challenging. We are well-versed in the standard requirements to attain statutory compliance, essential for obtaining tenders and funding. Benefit from our expertise in changes to legislative requirements and the submission of necessary returns.

Tax structuring is a critical aspect of financial planning for individuals and businesses. Our analysis helps maximise short-term advantages and plan for long-term financial independence within the intricate tax legislation system.

Compliant accounting records are the backbone of a successful business. The Origin Group specialises in summarising your accounting documents to provide accurate financial information. This equips you to make informed decisions at every level of your business.

Managing payroll can be a time-consuming task. Our cost-effective, tailored payroll services include leave recording and statutory submissions. Let us lighten your burden, whether you have a small or large staff contingent.

Whether you're a start-up, have a promising business idea, or an established enterprise, The Origin Group is here to support you on the path to success. Our qualified professionals and vetted partners provide solutions for any business shortfall, ensuring you have the support you need to thrive.