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Crazy Guy on Bike – Fri 23, 2018, Day 355

Fri 23, 2018, Day 355

Staying with Pam and Alan Lofthouse, Tokai
Distance from Amsterdam 20026

Had breakfast with Gustav and Susanne on their sunny deck then set off in heavy traffic to Claremont and another doctor’s check up, this time Dr Penny, our dermatologist. As we left her consulting room to the reception, Neville and Pat Budge were waiting to see her. We were gobsmacked as 15 minutes earlier I’d sent Neville a message to check if we could pop in tomorrow for a quick hello. From Claremont we rushed to Paarden Eiland to ‘Bike and Saddle’ to view and decide on a leather Brooks saddle for me and collect a few things Gustav brought through to us. Peter and I both bought saddles and I am contemplating riding the last +- 500 km with my new saddle. It will be eina (sore) on the bum as the leather is as hard as the hammers of hell. I will more than likely take my gel lsaddle along as a backup and 500 km is a drop in the ocean compared with the 20000 that we’ve ridden so far.

Our day continued with visits to our investment manager and Peter’s accountant. A pie from a petrol station filled the hungry hole in Peter’s tummy and we then paid a quick visit to Saskia Taylor in Constantia. We didn’t get to say hi to Andrew as he was still at work but we hope to see them once this little ‘bicycle jaunt’ is done and dusted. Then made our way in our trusty Toyota Fortuner to the Constantia Bowling Club where Alan, my brother in law arranged with a few friends to join us for a braai, a total surprise for Pam, my sister. She’s a smart cookie and had an inkling that Alan was up to something but she didn’t pursue her suspicions. We had a great time and enjoyed catching up with family and getting to meet Pam and Alan’s grandchildren, Kristin and her 14 month old sister, Olivia who was only two months old when we flew out to Cairo. Kristin has also grown a lot in the 12 months we were away.

Thanks to Linda and Graeme, Carol and Graham, Anthony and Vicky, Dennis Jones and Iain and Linzi for joining us, not forgetting Pam and Alan. We chatted over a cup of tea back at Pam and Alan’s house and then as sisters do when apart for a long time, chatted until well after 1 am about our ride. Alan and Peter were punching Zzzz’s. Another great day and one closer to ending this ‘Africa thing’.

PS.  Remember we will be finishing our ride at the V&A Waterfront on Sunday, 9 December, around 09h30 at the ‘picture frame’ which is close to Den Anker restaurant


– Iain, Linzi, Kristin and Olivia

– Elliot’s, Barker’s and the Lofthouse’s

– Branson’s twin, Vicky, bowls people we don’t know, Dennis and Anthony

– Vicky about to offer others at the table some wine

– Dennis Jones, Peter and I looking forward to carrot cake


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