You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Mon 29 Oct 2018, Day 330

Crazy Guy on Bike – Mon 29 Oct 2018, Day 330

Mon 29 Oct 2018, Day 330

Staying at Carl Barnard’s home, Bloemfontein
Distance   13386
Total from Amsterdam 18786

Had all four dogs in our bedroom last night, snoring and grunting in their sleep but put them out at 5 am with food, giving us a bit of peace and quiet. We gave up after hearing scratching noises on the door so let them back inside. While preparing breakfast, Boss, the noisiest sleeper of the lot went into our room and chewed on a lovely thick piled sheepskin on the side of the bed coming back out with a huge tuft in his mouth. Guilty, with proof. The rug has also been torn?

Both Peter and I agree we’ll rather stick to having cats as pets even with our one girl, Sophie who, at times, gobbles her food and then vomits it up, generally on the bedroom carpet. I’ve left Peter in the room as the stinky smells are too offensive, instead lying on the lounge couch, reading. We have prepared our supper, bulking it up with carrots and tinned corn, enough for tonight and tomorrow.

Duola and Charles are collecting a few essentials from a supermarket and coming out after lunch to drop them off. The cleaning lady, Wilhelmina and the gardeners came in today so the pool pump was switched on, water topped up, sprinklers spraying all over and hoener’s one egg isn’t in her hok. Duola and Charles came over with our supplies and stayed for a beer and chat. Peter just brought in our new packet of jasmine rice stolen by you know who … Boss was lying next to the unopened rice on the lawn. Can’t trust this Great Dane just one bit. Carl arrived just after 7 pm and we shared our mince supper with him over a few beers. The big dogs actually sleep outside, and Harley and Billy (no name dog) in Carl’s room. He will give us a lift to the tar road on his way to work tomorrow morning. Night night xx


– Size counts when it comes to possession of the sheep skin for the night

– With all four, snoring, grunting, making smells … I got out quickly

– Carl with his children, Leighton and  Taylor

– Brian and Duola who helped us getting to Carl’s house and brought us supplies for the road tomorrow

– Carl’s Toyal Enfield vintage motor bike has pride of place in his lounge