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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 28 Oct 2018, Day 329

Staying at Carl Barnard’s home, Bloemfontein
Distance   13386
Total from Amsterdam 18786

We have a thief in our midst… and me thinks it’s Boss, the Great Dane, lookalike a Nguni cow. Yesterday morning I found a chomped up egg box and later a plastic bread packet, both on the lawn as evidence. We bought two loaves of bread on Friday so a loaf and a half has been munched, evidence being huge mine dumps on the grass, these can be collected by the hired help tomorrow. When I fed the chickens this morning, hoener was sitting on her egg so I left her but went back a bit later and she wasn’t in the hok so collected another egg. The six that got munched, including shells, by Big Bad Boss has been sort of forgiven but not forgotten. Peter and I were able to have bacon and one egg each for brunch. Bikes all nice and clean so it’s time to veg, suntan, swim, read, sleep and just chill, all of the above but more than likely read then.

Lesotho and its hills await us … come hell or high water, we’ll do it .. pedal or push. Have had the dstv channel on ’80s music which has been great. Would love to just plug in iPods and download but don’t suppose it’s do-able. Peter’s one cycle pimple is huge and inflamed so out came the Supiraban ointment and we’re both back on pills. I read up on some of the tablets I’ve bought along the way and walking down the passage I accidentally dropped four. Soon thereafter Peter yelled out that one of the dogs was munching on a tablet. Managed to rescue the rest and rinsed off the one that still looked ok to take. Its penicillin so we won’t die after it was in the dog’s mouth for a few seconds.

Peter’s snoozing and I’m surrounded by three pooches snoring up a storm. I gave our Keen sandals a good scrub earlier and put them in the sun to dry, hopefully they won’t stink for a while. I spend my time filling up bowls of water for the dogs and making sure the two Jack Russells get food ‘cos the Great Danes just elbow their way to the food bowls. It was so hot that I took a few dips in the icy pool and stretched out in the sun go relax.

Watched the movie ‘Passage to India’ but with dogs clamoring all over me I pressed a wrong button on the remote and we missed the end of the movie. We regularly have to banish pooches from the lounge as they silently let off smelly farts. It’s 22h25 and the only one not sleeping in our room is big bad boy Boss but we can hear him snoring 20 metres away sleeping on the zebra skin in the lounge. Said I wasn’t going to email but couldn’t help myself.

Lala salama, Night all


– Our home from Friday 26 until Tuesday

– Which has frontage on the Modder River and where Maselspoort Resort is located

– One egg replaces the six that were stolen by ????

– Kitchen

– Garden, some of it

– Pleasure / sundowner boat on the Modder River

– Our Keen sandals drying


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