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Crazy Guy on Bike – Fri 12 Oct 2018, Day 313

Fri 12 Oct 2018, Day 313
Staying with Johan + Rae de Lange, owners of the Spar in Mariental
Distance 7 + 12121 = 12128
Total from Amsterdam 17528

Peter and I were planning on camping in Mariental last night and never dreamt that we’d stay with another lovely family, eat delicious food, sleep in comfortable beds and spending another night under the roof of the de Lange’s. Mona, Rae’s mom has a small cottage in their garden.

They have a ‘leafless’ baobab in their front garden but on closer inspection we saw tiny green shoots on the branches. There is also a huge fig tree plus a baby one and many other trees, none of which look familiar to me.

We rode into town, walking in this heat was not an option, and  purchased a Aweh data package which is valid for one week, expiring at midnight on 20 October. Sidney the security guy at MTC was most helpful and we were sorted in a jiffy. It’s also given us about 3 GB of data. On our way back we bought fresh dates and raisins from a lady street seller. I got a bit of sewing done, replacing the old foam in my portable seat with the new piece we got in Windhoek. Here’s hoping my derriere will be comfy for the next few thousand km’s.

Johan made a braai for supper, lamb chops, sosaties and ribs, mealies (corn) and a delicious salad. He wanted us to stay another day but both Peter and I feel very rested and according to the app ‘Windy’, the wind is in our favour tomorrow. The distance to Keetmanshoop is +- 230 km and we’re hoping to do this over two days. We’ve been told there is nowhere to wild camp but the two Dutch girls who also rode this route, did it over three days sleeping at a railway siding/station and at a community campsite the second night. We’ll go with the flow and see how we feel along the way. All for today, lala salama everyone!


– Mona, Johan and Rae
– Mom and daughter
– Their friendly labrador