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Crazy Guy on Bike – Wed 24 Oct 2018, Day 325

Camping at the Police Station, Campbell
Distance 138 +12989 = 13127
Average 14.7
Time 9 h 25 m
Total from Amsterdam 18527
Location S28.802873, E23.716334

No oats so had some wheetbix and milk to tide us over for an hour or so. Hendrik collected us at 05h15 and Rita, sleepy after a late night looking after the young German group, got up to say goodbye. We reached the security hut just before 6 and faffed around packing our padkos into panniers, finally on the road by 06h15. Hendrik went in the other direction to see what was happening with the German group who were with Jolene.

We had hills from start to finish though minor compared with Ethiopia and were lucky to have the sandwiches and padkos that Samantha prepared for us at the crack of dawn this morning. Ham cheese and lettuce sarmies, boiled eggs, Pro Vita, mixed nuts, droë wors and extra bread. There were no shops, garages or supermarkets to buy food. Decided to keep the fancy sandwiches for later, so at 09h00 had the last of our peanut butter on the dry bread Samantha packed for ‘in case’ we got hungry … Peter’s always hungry.

We arrived in Griquastad after 94 km and stopped for ice cream, cooldrinks and hot chips for Peter. We ended up having four scoops of ice cream each?? Would normally refer to this as ‘pigging out’ but we called it carbo loading. From here it was another 45 km to the town of Campbell and arrived, having made good time, just before 6 pm.

We saw two European guys chatting so approached them with regard to where we could possibly pitch our tent. Jannie Scholtz advised us not to wild camp as in many small towns the fairer skinned folk have moved out and industry or mining has brought migrant labour to the town. So sad as this town looked very pretty as we free wheeled down the hill towards the town. We approached the police and are camping in their backyard, used the ladies cold water shower as well as their kitchen (no running water) and  fridge which is set on maximum cold.

My Hunters Dry was icy cold within an hour and it tasted divine. We’re both squeaky clean, filled our bellies with a mince and rice concoction and swigged back the Hunters in record time. I drank most of it, too quickly and am a bit lightheaded. Peter has also had his mandatory cup of tea. Off to bed and read a bit, dreaming of a ‘no wind’ day. Night everyone  xx


– The security hut where our bikes also rested for two days

– Padkos prepared by Samantha

– Up down, up down … over and over

– The NG Kerk in Griquastad looks lovely compared to the rest of the town

– The town of Campbell. This one is for Rob, Rochelle and Campbell boys in Auckland

– Chef Peter preparing supper