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Crazy guy on Bike – Sun 26 Aug 2018, Day 266



Rest day 2 at Camp Ngepi

Distance 10243
Total from Amsterdam 15643

An Israeli guy, Itay, is staying at Ngepi also resting up from hitchhiking around for the past eight months and is given free board and meals. In return he gives yoga classes twice a day. The kitchen staff are super friendly and toasted our bread this morning on their flat gas cooker plate, much nicer than plain stale bread. A day of ensuring every battery is fully charged, I vegged in a hammock, Peter stretched out on a leather couch in the comfy lounge which overlooks the river. Our friend Kriek Bekker is driving up to Windhoek next week on business and has offered to bring up a few things we need. This is the second time Kriek has helped us out which we are most grateful for. We had a quick dip in the caged pool but the water looked murky and was chilly so it was a swim that lasted a minute at the most. Had hors d’oeuvres with cheese, salami and a stuffed pimento olive on a toothpick. We had a supply of toothpicks that we used to jimmy the English type plugs in countries up to Zimbabwe … to charge our two prong cell chargers. Supper was chopped onion, tinned Mexican tomatoes, salami and cubed pieces of cheese with ….. spaghetti ????. We’re packed and ready for the lift we arranged with Odette who works here who will collect us at our campsite No 11 at 06h30 tomorrow … just hope she pitches. We’d rather not think of pushing bikes through 4 km of soft sand again. Only difference is the time of day. Friday’s push to Ngepi was around noon so it’ll be cooler. The moon was this wonderful orange colour again as it peeped up from the horizon. With hippos grunting, and there are many of them here, and hyenas whoop whooping in the distance, we’re about to make our way to our 5* accommodation, the MSR Mutha Hubba. Hopefully tomorrow’s diary will be more exciting. Night night xx

A few pictures of laid back and quirkiness here at Ngepi Camp