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Crazy guy on Bike – Thur 4 Oct 2018, Day 305

Thur 4 Oct 2018, Day 305
Staying with Dennis + Jane McDonald, Auas Hills Retirement Village, Windhoek
Distance 96 + 11748 = 11844
Average 12.9
Time 7 h 23 m
Total from Amsterdam 17244
Location S22.603505, E17.117045

Am tired of starting diary with time we left and am sure you are too. After the first downward stroke of the pedal going up a hill and trying to get the bum comfortable on the saddle is always hard at the start of each day. I applied Voltaren to the back of my right knee and we took it easy to Okahandja hoping for a wind free day, Mmmm highly unlikely.

Left Okahandja on the B1, this time with no shoulder for about 15 km then spoke to a gentleman working at a detour in the road who said then it was good right up to Windhoek … and it was. Time now is 23h21 so I’ll try not to waffle. The breeze was from 7 o’clock the whole day, the new road was wide with plenty of space on the left, no shoulder line had been painted as yet and we had a great ride. Arrived in Windhoek around 4 pm and stopped for an ice sucker at a Puma petrol station as we were both overheating. Jane didn’t say a word about the hills we had to face to reach their unit, and there was one steep hill after another, but I only pushed twice and both were short distances. Peter and his loaded 54 kg bike rode every hill.

I’d applied Voltaren cream onto my knee about four times during the day and took an anti inflammatory tablet as well, and was surprised that there was no pain after the uphil slog to the McDonald’s unit. It was great seeing the McDonald’s and we had a good catch up with their life here in Windhoek. Dennis loves to braai, Jane prepared yummy salads, both of which we haven’t had much of during our African ride. We munched on Woolies dusted jelly babies and melted white chocolate put into fridge, it was complete melted. Am absolutely ‘bushed’. Tomorrow’s another day. Just happy to be in Windhoek. Lala salama everyone xx


– Hansie Krüger offered us a lift to a police checkpoint +- 50 km from his farm which we declined
– An old ‘chookapacka’ battling up a hill, the railway track running parallel to the B1 highway to Windhoek
– Cooling down with a sucker at a petrol station
– This was a bugger of a little hill and I’d run out of steam
– We arrived at Dennis and Jane’s completely buggered but so glad we made it to Windhoek ‘in one piece’. The drivers were crazy ??