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Crazy guy on Bike – Sat 25 Aug 2018, Day 265


Rest day 1 at Ngepi
Distance 10243
Total from Amsterdam 15643

A dream sleep after yesterday’s heat and exhaustion. Today is laundry day and hopefully do a Facebook post … done. We took our mugs and oats to the reception and were given the ok to use some of their milk that’s put out for free tea and coffee every day. Peter watched the last 10 minutes of the NZ Oz Bledisloe Cup where NZ retained the cup 40-12. Peter caught up with emails while I did a Facebook post. The rest of the day was taken up with doing washing and reading. It’s a lovely balmy evening but the mozzies are out in force. Peter spoke to Micky, the lady who has been extremely helpful with the possibility of their single cab bakkie giving us a lift to the main road. We’ll hear tomorrow if this is possible ????. Supper was potato salad with egg and chopped onion. The mayonnaise was a bit skimpy as we didn’t buy an extra jar … glass jars are heavy and thought we would have enough. Sitting at reception where wifi is available and listening to hippos … they also sound like a trombone. I think it’s full moon tonight as it has a slight orange tinge, not the normal white moon … dust in the air. A short one folks, nothing exciting happened today. Tomorrow’s diary will be just as short. Cheers folks xx

– Ngepi reception

– The caged river pool

– Natalie and Daan from the Netherlands who kept our drinks on ice yesterday, they left today ??

– Peter’s expression says OMW, is this supper?  Any change from pasta is 5*

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