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Guy on a Bike – Fri 8 June 2018, Day 188


Staying with Paul and Cornelia Siljeur, Lilongwe
Distance 6996
Total from Amsterdam 12396

Had an amazing sleep and was ready to tackle a walk with Cornelia and her friends at 8 this morning. They walk 3 x a week for about an hour then have a coffee at a nursery/coffee shop … this coffee shop could be anywhere in SA. A great bunch of ladies from all over the world, their husbands working at various embassies or have high powered jobs with companies here in Lilongwe. We’ll meet them all on Sunday together with their spouses at a lunch one couple is hosting as a farewell to friends here in Lilongwe. We did some shopping for supper tonight while Cornelia collected Sarah from school. She had taken tenderised steak out for supper and we bought the rest to make chow mein for supper tonight and tomorrow I’ll cook chilli con carne. Cornelia drives a cute Toyota Rush car. I’ve always fancied them but don’t think I’ll ever own one ??.

In Malawi you can buy second hand Japanese imports … wish we could do the same in SA. I finished my book while Peter went to see a lady at an insurance company. Paul and Cornelia have gone out after supper, we’re watching a ‘skit’ skop en donner’ movie ‘ Expendables 3 … with a great cast of old timers. Tomorrow the Siljeur family will do a Standard bank 10 km walk at 6 am … Richard Branson’s lookalike and I will have another ‘sleep in’ then watch a couple of games of rugby. It’s Paul’s 51st birthday tomorrow. He’s not a wine drinker so we bought him a few Appeltisers, Cornelia is baking him a chocolate cake and I need to bake the Zanzibar cake for Sunday’s lunch. I’m waffling… it’s been a magic day. Night all  xx

– The walking group of ladies

– Junior, the spoint Spaniel