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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 2 Dec, 2018. Day 364

Sun 2 Dec, 2018. Day 364

Staying at De Bos campsite in Montagu
Distance from Cairo 15034 km
Distance 112 + 20 322 = 20434
Average 13.2
Time 8 h 28 m
Location S33.788878, E20.112869

We both had restless sleeps last night but had to get up at 05h00 to be on the road by 06h00. The 5 km from Johan and Mickey’s house was good gravel but it still took us half an hour to reach the tar on Route 62. The first 50 km was ok with a few hills and we reached Barrydale around 10h30. The town is looking nice and prosperous with new touristy shops and restaurants on the main drag. We stopped at the Country Pumpkin restaurant for a cooldrink and got chatting to a few (motor) bikers and a group of German tourists and their guide Inge Hugo. Then to the local garage where we bought food for supper tonight and hit the road again late morning.

From here on we rode with a strong cross wind all the way to Montagu. Bought ice suckers from an Indian supermarket and comfort food from Spar, chocolate, grapes and yoghurt. We are camping at De Bos in Montagu tonight, R240. It’s a bit more than we’ve been paying but it is December and Montagu is a popular tourist town. Today we clocked 15034 km since leaving Cairo. I have been throwing ball to the campsite’s Border Collie, a very alert and intelligent dog. If I ignore her, she picks up the ball she placed on the floor close to where I’m sitting and plonks it on the bench I’m sitting on. Tomorrow’s ride is 28 km to Robertson where we’ll have tea with friends living there and then head towards Villiersdorp but Peter tells me we have head winds for the next three days. That’s it for today folks, good night and thanks for following us on this amazing journey we’ve been on.

– Anyone looking for motor spares ?

– Warmwaterbad hot springs is where my Dad’s caravan that he built, now lives

– Outside the Country Pumpkin restaurant

– Tin containers of all shapes and designs

– Lush looking farms in the Barrydale area

– This is the clever Border Collie that I thew ball to over and over