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Crazy Guy on bike – Tue 7 Aug July 2018, Day 247

Last rest day at the Dally home in Bulawayo
Distance 9105
Total from Amsterdam  14505

A grey loerie woke us up this morning with his kwêê call, lovely to hear. I took our washing over to Glynnis’ cottage and when I collected it found a huge puddle of water on the tiled floor. Panic stations set in as me and washing machines on the African leg of our journey has not been smooth sailing. In Dar es Salaam the machine konked in with a load of our washing. Then in Lusaka the machine started itself one evening which was most likely caused by a mouse eating through some wiring and today the laundry room was under water. Troda, Priscilla’s cleaning lady did the mopping up while I hung the washing. If someone offers to do our washing in future, Peter can do the honours of taking control of getting it done.

We have two clean bikes and chains and Peter went all out and had both wheels off giving Zaza a spring clean. All our electronic equipment is charged and we are ready to get on the road heading to Vic Falls. We should be there between Monday and Wednesday next week. I lost my first ever game of chess to an 8 year old … Liana whipped me good and solid. A great kid, super energized, probably powered by Duracell … Peter thoroughly enjoyed her company, I was doing a Facebook post which was taking its time to upload. Liana and I walked to the supermarket to buy a few things and while I made a tuna quiche Peter packed his bags and played more chess with her. I’ve had to do a bit of sewing… my kiddies training bras have stretched so I’ve put a fat seam in the back and they’re fitting snug once more.

Granny Glynnis from the cottage joined us for supper, contributing fresh salad ingredients towards our meal. Must just thank Bev for having recipes on hand when I’ve done some cooking. It’s a pity we haven’t been able to catch up with Billy but will hopefully see the whole Dally family when we’re up here again. That’s it for today folks, sleep well xx

– Priscilla and Liana with Bella and Doppie

– Salad greens fresh from the garden

– Granny Glynnis and Liana, taken just before bedtime

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