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Guy on a Bike – Thu 14 June 2018, Day 194

Rest day at Tiko Community Lodge, Katete
Distance 7246
Total from Amsterdam  12646

The Soccer World Cup starts today in Russia with the opening match Russia vs. Saudi Arabia. We slept well last night and after breakfast  Peter walked to the local hospital to get his ear unblocked after cleaning his ears and blocking it with wax. He arrived back a few hours later, exhausted with the ear still blocked and telling me about his visit had me in stitches … he was sent from room to room, then the original doctor he saw, told him to put oil in his ear and to return tomorrow to syringe warm water into his ear. Peter asked cold or hot oil … cold ???? We took a walk in search of naartjies and returned empty handed but bought an orange to taste … sour and full of pips … we miss our Outspan oranges from back home. I didn’t mention that Peter had his beard trimmed for (Zambian Kwacha) ZK4 and he now looks slightly more respectable. He’s keeping his locks for the time being, reason being the long hair keeps his head warm. Lunch was vetkoek bought from Agnes at Tiko lodge with either avo, peanut butter and jam. Peter had a snooze, I read comments from my FB post and now watching the opening world cup soccer on DSTV. Who knows we may still be here on Saturday to watch some rugby.

Only watched the first half, had cooked onions, carrots and tomatoes with bread. Peter didn’t feel like pasta. He’s felt all fluey since lunch time so we walked the 2 km to the local hospital to have a malaria test which came back positive. They tested me and mine was negative. Three days of malaria tablets … 4 every 8 hours and paracetamol tablets … 2 tablets 3x a day for three days. So we’ll be staying here until at least Monday. Recovering malaria patients are weak after taking the meds so we’ll see how he feels on Monday. Need to get some beef or chicken for some decent stews with veggies added. We were really careful wearing long pants and socks from late afternoon and putting mozzie cream on but we think he got stung while camping at Ngala. There were stacks of mozzies and we were right on the Lake. I remember Peter saying that he’d got stung on his bum and it was bloody sore … can only be that time. Well, we get to rest a few more days here at Tiko Community Lodge. That’s it folks. Night all xx



– Tiko Community Lodge

– Our bedroom and the library where we have a table and where bikes sleep

– Barber shop for his beard trim

– Malaria test results for both of us. The one with one red line is mine which was negative