Crazy guy on Bike – Tue 28 Aug 2018, Day 268

Resting at Ngandu Safari Lodge, Rundu
Distance 4 + 10454 = 10458
Total from Amsterdam 15858

Woke up feeling a bit wobbly, vertigo I believe it’s called. It started last night after stopping on the road, after dark for some coke. Peter said he sometimes used to have this feeling after a marathon. Ngandu Safari Lodge is infested with mosquitoes, even during the day which may be due to them having sprinklers on all the time. We took our bikes, bottoms still tender, to the Rundu Open Market where Rita fed us lunch, then Peter had a radical trim to his beard N$20 by Max. Then to Shoprite for groceries for the next few days to Grootfontein. Got some washing done and relaxed in the lounge area of the lodge. Back for more of the same food for supper and we’re back at the lodge’s lounge updating cellphones. It’s +- 260 km to Grootfontein. We have been invited to spend a night at a lodge about 25 km from Grootfontein and will probably get there by Friday. Nothing exciting happened today other than Peter’s beard shorn short. Just love these boring ‘do nothing’ days. Good night from the country of magic sunsets xx

– Lunch at the Rundu Open Market and Rita, the chef

– Before, looking homeless to possibly looking like Richard B’s long lost brother??

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