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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 10 Nov 2018, Day 342

Sat 10 Nov 2018, Day 342

Camping at Hoër Landbouskool, Marlow, Cradock
Distance  14086
Total from Amsterdam 19486

We had a really good lie and sleep in, Peter only twice saying he was hungry before getting up at 07h30. Got some washing done and having a really relaxing day lying on our ground sheet, reading and following the shade. I even had a snooze, Peter said I was snoring up a storm…

The daytime temperatures of cold weather are ‘verby’ (history) so it’s back to finding places to camp where we can freeze bottles of water, Powerade and Coke and the need to have a hot shower not as essential as before. Had a lovely dog that came to say hello and lay nearby with tail wagging or belly up. Watching NZ England rugby match played at Twickenham in pouring rain. The Poms leading 15-10 at half time, Peter’s battling to control his language with a room full of youngsters. They all stood up when we entered the room, good manners are taught at this school. NZ narrowly beat England with rain pouring throughout the game.

We left to warm up our leftovers and shower as the SA French game only starts at 22h00. Will get to bed much later than normal. Direction is towards Cookhouse tomorrow with strong headwinds from 10h00  so want to get away really early. It’s pumping outside right now so holding thumbs it’ll blow itself out by morning. Australia are playing Wales, 3 all at half time. We fed a few kittens some rice and mince but they’re choosy and left most of the rice. Also gave them a piece of crumbed chicken that’s been in my bar bag for two days. I ate a piece and it smelt okay. We’ve had a lovely rest here with Rudy, a teacher or house master buying Peter a few beers and flatly refusing payment. It looks like South Africa, our home country is going to join Zimbabwe as No 1 country on our entire ride.

Lala salama xx

– One of the dormitory blocks at Marlow Agricultural high school

– Vegging and taking it easy before tomorrow’s ride of 93 km

– This gorgeous pooch didn’t stop smiling. He belongs to someone who works here

– Everyone is glued to the tv supporting Wales

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