You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 20 Oct 2018, Day 321

Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 20 Oct 2018, Day 321

Camping at ‘Sakkie se Arkie’ campsite, Upington
Distance  12829
Total from Amsterdam 18229

As we heard doef doef noise coming from the Island last night, we assumed it was party time, but we’ve become early birds and were in dreamland soon after 10 pm. Our sleep was rudely interrupted by the howling wind just after 01h00. The tent was flapping like crazy and Peter went out to check tent pegs and whether his towel and facecloth he’d hung over his bike was still there, it was.

There’s a half triathlon taking place today at Oranjerust campsite, 25 km from here. It won’t be fun for the competitors swimming 800m, cycling 80 km and running 20. We’ve decided to stay in Upington until the wind dies down. Have also heard from locals that wind at this time of the year is very unusual, their windy season is August. I couldn’t have closed my bakkie properly during the night and it fell over from the tent flapping but fortunately the contents leaked onto my cycling shorts which acted as a sponge??

Ingrid told us yesterday about Bobo, the camp dog, carrying a gosling in her mouth to them, its feet entangled with string. The parents were quietly waiting a short distance away knowing their baby was being helped. Bobo is a lovely natured large female dog who doesn’t beg for food and sleeps and snores softly next to our tent at night.

I walked to P’nP with R200 in cash to buy mince for supper as well as rolls for lunch … but came across a shelf with reduced items. Paarman spaghetti sauce R15 a jar, I bought two, Carr’s water crackers R10 a box x 2, Rolo sweets x 2 (one for Norbert and Ingrid), yoghurt etc. At the till I was short by about R46 and gave the lady my credit card and this is where a problem arose … I  haven’t used my card since Nov ’17 and have forgotten my pin number!

The mince was credited and I was on my way, leaving a few irate people in the queue. Phoned the bank, got instructions but when I tried to log on I discovered that I’d also forgotten my log in name!!

Lunch was  sausage and stir fried veg on hot dog rolls that Ingrid and Norbert provided, using their new electric non stick frying pan. What a pleasure it was to help them prepare lunch. Also a lovely change to our normal fare. We all had a snooze and Peter and I are now watching Curry Cup semi final rugby, Western Province vs Blue Bulls. Final score after 20 minutes of extra time was 35-32 to Province. Yayy, second year in a row that Western Province are in the finals, having won last year.

Supper is stir fried veg with mince and a jar of the Ina Paarman spaghetti sauce. The wind seems to be abating and we’re hoping to leave tomorrow, though the app Windy predicts a head wind. We’ll decide in the morning and see if we feel like riding 68 km into the wind. Please hold thumbs the wind changes direction.  xx

– Look ma, no hands. It’s how African women carry things often with men walking alongside them, empty handed

– Ingrid, with Norbert cooking lunch and Mmm, it’s nice was the response from us all

– Bobo, the camp dog kerps an eye on our belongings, a lovely girl dog