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Crazy Guy on Bike – Fri 19 Oct 2018, Day 320

Camping at ‘Sakkie se Arkie’ campsite, Upington
Distance  12829
Total from Amsterdam 18229

I was up bright and hopeful about sorting out my email saga. Peter was still punching Zzzz’s so I got some washing done. I’d Googled a computer shop a short distance from the campsite and by 9.15 Peter had his tea and eaten. He’s become a real tea addict, to the extent that Alan the Malawian guy running the camp has lent him a kettle.

Found Compufin computer shop and Alistair Rabie was able to sort out my cell phone calendar. I had somehow lost all notes, birthdays etc but he pressed a few buttons and voila, all restored. They couldn’t sort out the email problem so we went to Waldo van de Linde’s web design store. He installed ‘MailChimp’, a package that is good for sending bulk emails. It looked great but is not suitable to use on a cell phone. Peter will have to buy me a tablet.

Next was Pick n Pay Clothing store. Lazed until Norbert and Ingrid arrived in their Landy, they hail from Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. Norbert is 80, Ingrid turning 80 in May and this is probably their last time roughing it, camping. They have a motor home so plan to continue getting away with a bit more comfort. The Sakkie se Arkie boat is out on a sundowner cruise and a bunch of youngsters are enjoying a bit of fishing from the river bank, another group of ‘only men’ having a great time celebrating TGIF (thank goodness it’s Friday).

I now need to email my diary sending to no more than 20 email adresses at a time, so I’ll end off here. Thanks for your concern during the time when no diaries reached you. From my side it showed ‘sent’ so I was none the wiser that a problem had popped up. Take care xx


– Waldo tried to install MailChimp and then created a second email address to use

– Norbert and Ingrid from Port Alfred

– Sunset booze cruise on the Orange River

– Peter cooking supper … again


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