You are currently viewing Crazy Guy on Bike – Thur 15 Nov 2018, Day 347

Crazy Guy on Bike – Thur 15 Nov 2018, Day 347

Thur 15 Nov 2018, Day 347

Camping on the wooden lookout deck at the Total garage, Storms Rivier Bridge
Distance 118 + 14385 = 14503
Average 15.4
Time 7 h 41 m
Total from Amsterdam 19903
Location S33.967453, E23.930822

Yayyy, a good sleep in a comfy ‘non-bouncy’ bed. Up with the birds, muesli and yoghurt for breakfast which was a REALLY nice change from boring raw oats and long life milk. Peter and Alan packed bikes and panniers into the Nissen bakkie and Pam took us to the N2 … pedaling by 07h17. Our first treat was the last of Pierrie’s dried sausage to see us through the many undulating hills, a nice wide shoulder most of the time but the road was very busy in both directions. There must be ‘stock car’ racing in PE this weekend as there were loads of trailers carrying cars covered in sponsors decals and most probably had more body putty than metal for the car’s body.

Stopped for ‘Pams padkos’ of chocolate and crunchies and the avo sandwiches at 52 km then again for egg mayo sarmies, thanks Pam. We saw evidence of the recent fires in the Garden Route area in Tsitsikamma with whole areas of pine plantations up the slopes of mountains totally destroyed and we could smell the burn. The  scenery along the route was beautiful. I’ve been looking forward to seeing our  ‘fynbos’ (indigenous vegetation to the Cape). At times we felt that we were riding through an avenue of trees, it was so beautiful. On bikes and riding slowly, we definitely see more, smell more and hear more of what’s happening in the immediate vicinity we are in. Sometimes the terrible smell of a dead animal, other instances seeing a raptor’s shadow pass overhead  and hearing the toot of a friendly truck driver … are a few examples.

Pam Kietzmann asked Peter and I last night if we thought the transition to normal life would be smooth and easy. We both feel that we are looking forward to getting home and spending time with family and friends, also our girls, Coco and Sophie and to enjoy our first Christmas in Knysna. Will miss the no fuss and carefree lifestyle we’ve enjoyed since May last year .. no faulty electric gates, pipe leak or being surrounded by materialistic unnecessary possessions. Life is simple on a touring bike.

We cruised along on a flat road and reached the Storms River bridge and decided we had ridden far enough so got permission from the Total garage’s supervisor to pitch our tent on the wooden deck and have Steers burgers and chips for supper. Were also allowed to park our bikes in the restaurant keeping a beady on them. Finished  our supper so dessert was a whirly ice cream dipped in choc, for Peter. Mine was dipped in caramel. We are 97 km away from 20 000 km, sometimes we can’t believe it ourselves. Very misty and cold outside so will be packing and folding a wet tent tomorrow morning. Only have about a,60 km to Forever Resorts in Plettenberg Bay tomorrow where we’ll camp and rest for three days, yayyy. We’ve been battling with lactic acid since Lesotho. My eyes are drooping and I’m nodding off so that’s it for today.

Night all xx

– Seeing the sea again since Swakopmund with Jeffrey’s Bay in the distance

– These meadow ladies were wallowing in long grass enjoying a rest

– Beautiful South African fynbos

– Our avenue of trees and indigenous bush

– Campsite for the night


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