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Crazy guy on Bike – Sun 19 Aug 2018, Day 259

Rest day at at Katima Mulilo with Dick Sharp
Distance 9818
Total from Amsterdam 15218


Woke at 5, turned over and slept till 07h30. Peter got up to copy movies and books over to Rholand’s laptop before he flew to Windhoek en route to Johannesburg and then on to Hoedspruit to attend the game rangers conference. Dick drove us to town in his single cab bakkie, Peter and I squashed in the passenger seat, three happy dogs in the back. Bought provisions for a braai tonight. Lunch was yummy home made hamburgers. We have had to relocate three frogs from our cottage, two from the shower outlet hole and one that was perched on a wooden slat on a lounge chair. Simon, a friend of Dick’s from Windhoek but working in Zambia arrived with his two sons, Aaron and Ryan for a couple of nights. Dick has invited us to stay another day and we accepted as tomorrow we’ll all go canoeing for an hour or so down the Zambezi River. Peter and I are really looking forward to this, hippos and crocs aside.

– The veranda at Dick’s home with diningroom and pool tables
– Ozzie, the African Grey’s playground cage
– A portion of Dick’s rustic kitchen
– Our cottage which hasn’t been used for a long time was comfortably ‘dusty’ ??
– Simon, Dick, Aaron and Ryan