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Guy on a Bike – Wed 30 May 2018, Day 178

Wed 30 May 2018, Day 178
Rest day at Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay
Total from Amsterdam 11912


The sun rose and we were still sleeping, eventually waking up at 07h30. Took our breakfast stuff to the bar which is almost at water level and marveled at the beauty of the lake and how massive it is. Size ….. Watched six cute puppies playing in the grass wanting to suckle their mother who was trying to ward them off. Her muzzle was grey and was probably tired of giving birth to litter after litter, her poor teats hanging. I can’t understand why they don’t just have her sterilised, there are vets in Mzuzu, 50 odd km away. We had our second swim in the lake, the water so crystal clear we could see the stoney bed. Washed our cycle gear ready for tomorrow’s climb out of Nkhata Bay which is about 6 km to the turn off to carry on down the lake. We plan to follow the lake to the town of Salima and then head west towards Lilongwe. From there to the border of Zambia. We are cooking with the girls tonight, Trent has gone to Zambia see about importing tools into Zambia.  He’s an archeologist but hasn’t worked yet. Istene and I mastered the art of hoola hooping which was our bit of exercise for the day.


Istene and Pip went grocery shopping for supper and Istene cooked the four of us a delicious meal of pasta and a tomato based sauce and a salad of potato, avo and apple. The meal was delicious and having someone else prepare the food, their way, a nice change. We had no electricity for most if the day and ate our meal by candle light. The moon rose out of the Lake, the colour a gorgeous African burnt orange. We exchanged movies and one I’m looking forward to watching is Cat in the Hat. Istene and Pip sat on the deck, contemplating life and watching the moon rise. Peter and I, the two old mzungus, went to our room to read. Night all xx

– Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay

– A bit of rest abd recuperation

– One if the cute seven pups

– Lake Malawi taken from the bar deck

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