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Guy on a Bike – Tue 19 June 2018, Day 199

Day 7 at Tiko Community Lodge, Katete for Peter, recovering from malaria
Distance 7246
Total from Amsterdam  12646

Up early and cycled to the hospital to get Peter’s chest checked but there were such  long queues we decided to go back very early tomorrow morning. Peter dozed while I did some washing. I had to wrap my towel around my waist as I’d washed my cycle baggies as well as my two long pants. Changed into Peter’s casual shorts with a belt to wear when I rode into town to buy supper for tomorrow and Thursday and a supply of Mars bars for the patient. We were told that chocolates are good for people recovering from malaria, a good excuse to have a supply. While there I popped into Pep Stores and bought a packet of fruit flavour glucose sweets which will go further than a Mars Bar.

Washing all dry so we’ll hopefully smell good and clean and fresh for a few days. Weather temperature here in Katete predicted for 11 and 20 which is pleasant. Peter told me this morning that when he went into the kitchen last night to collect our pot and spices a huge rat made an appearance and getaway ??, not surprised as these places aren’t scrubbed top to toe. All surface wiping, floor swept and mopped. Ah well, we’re still alive and peddling south, if not at the moment. Not much happened but getting our ‘minds into gear’ and holding thumbs we have a tail wind, even a cross wind is ok. Were told by the couple from London, David and Anness that we have, at most, 150 km of good smooth tar left and thereafter potholes and bad road all the way to Lusaka ??. Can’t complain, it’s been great up to now.

We may give soccer a miss tonight and watch a movie or read instead. A German guy watched soccer at Tiko last night but he reluctantly answered questions, must be pee’d off that Germany lost a few nights ago. Elke has just introduced us to David , same guy, and limp handshakes are definitely a no no. She invited us to join her and David for supper … we politely declined saying we have left overs. We were going to join them but she’s gone back to her cottage, can’t blame her. Elke drinks Autumn Harvest wine which I didn’t know was still being made in SA. Its been around almost since Noah and his Ark. That’s it for today. Night all xx


– Saint Francis’ Hospital, Katete

– Long queues at every consulting room

– Mrs MacGyver’s new hand wash contraption, outside every loo

– Ms Peggy, the washer woman