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Guy on a Bike – Sun 1 July 2018, Day 210

Resting at Bets + Wikus’ home, Lusaka
Distance  7787
Total from Amsterdam  13187

Both Peter and I had Tsotsie for company last night. She took turns sleeping with us hopping from one bed to the other. We surfaced at 06h30, went back to sleep, woke again and slept some more. I eventually woke up at 11h30 which is most unusual for me to sleep so late. A day of doing nothing, reading or watching soccer. Supper was mince bought yesterday ZK33.94 for 500g, very lean. The quality of the meat at Shoprite is excellent with a good selection of cuts. Watched both the Russia Spain and Croatia Denmark games with Russia and Croatia going through. Didn’t go out so no pictures.