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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 24, 2018, Day 356

Sat 24, 2018, Day 356
Staying with Cheryl and Pete, Constantia
Distance from Amsterdam 20026

We faffed and lazed around at the Lofthouse’s home … more me than Peter until we finally had to pull finger and get to Cheryl and Pete’s before Val arrived. We did make it but it took her a while to ‘fight’ ?? through all the well wishers before she saw us and her face was priceless when she spotted Peter and I, saying  she should have taken a bet that we’d pitch for her birthday. A lovely day of no traffic, cars, wind, gravel or coarse tar, yayy. Lots of catching up with our cousin and his wife, Johan and Mickey and aunt, Wendy and daughter, Jill. It was great seeing them all.

Lunch was delicious affair and after a few glasses of champagne we halfheartedly watched the rugby before collapsing into bed at the Donald’s house dreaming of riding the last section from Hout Bay to the Waterfront. The write up that the Knysna Plett Herald did on our trip was excellent and Peter and I will pop into their offices on Monday to thank Yaseen Gaffar for the great article. Short and sweet today, night all xx

– Val, having just spotted Peter and myself
– Snot en trane … (tears)
– My sister and her husband,  Pam and Alan
– Blame this lady, Val de Reuck for late diaries since Tuesday
– Val’s daughter, Cheryl with a plate of yummy fairy cakes
– One of Cheryl and Pete’s brown Labradors
– Pete Donald having a rough and tumble with one of their two Labradors